The world has seen a big emphasis on sustainability, recycling and plastic use. We are happy to see this development and we fully embrace it.

RPET – recycled plastic material

We strive to become as environmentally friendly as possible. For years a lot of our plush has had stuffing made out of recycled plastic, rPET. Today over 90% of our plush includes this stuffing and we are working hard towards 100%. Not only is our plush stuffed with rPET. Our polyester bags are also made of the recycled material. We will be using recycled material on as many items as possible in the future.

To create rPET, plastic bottles, containers etc. are collected, sorted, cleaned and then processed through heat to form a molten liquid. This liquid is spun into fibers to create polyester material. This polyester can then be used as stuffing in our plush and fabric for our bags and in the future also for plush.

Packaging Improvement

Other actions we have taken is to fit our packing boxes and inner bags to our products to minimize the waste. When our products arrive at the warehouse in Galten, Denmark, they are packed in plastic bags and boxes to protect them in the best way on their journey. In our own warehouse we reuse as much packaging as possible by using it to ship orders to customers, and what we cannot reuse in our warehouse we recycle according to Danish recycling standards.

We encourage our customers to recycle as much packaging as possible – to reuse or dispose the best possible environmentally friendly way.

Removing plastic packaging

We are removing plastic from our display boxes. You will see this on our jeep and tumbler car boxes. Our future deliveries from our supplier will be without the current plastic components.

We always try to find solutions that will eliminate the usage of plastic packaging, but we also have to take into consideration that our products have a long journey and have to arrive in good condition in the warehouse and at our customers, so it’s an ongoing process to solve this in the best way.

New hangtags

We are gradually changing our hangtags to new tags made from recycled paper printed with soy ink. We are also changing the plastic strips on the hangtags to cotton thread.

“Green” paper

Our office printing paper has been changed to recycled printing paper, and on the back cover of our product catalogue, you will see the FSC and the Nordic Swan-logo shown. To print a big catalogue will never be environmentally friendly, but by having the printing process being both FSC and Nordic-Swan certified we make sure we print in an environmental-friendly way.

You can read more about FCS- and the Nordic Swan-certification here:

E-mail rather than paper

Invoices are sent electronically instead of via postal service to reduce the usage of paper.

Partners with focus on environment

The companies we use for transporting our goods are all ISO14001 certified. We ship a lot of pallets and boxes in Europe and it is important to us that the partners we use for shipping also have focus on sustainability.

Wind power energy

At our office, warehouse and showroom in Galten, Denmark, we switched to a 100% wind powered energy source. Denmark is a global leader of sustainable energy solutions which made the switch an easy choice.

Donating to clean oceans

To help eliminate plastic in our oceans, we have created a new line of sea life products called Ocean Friends. With every product sold we donate money to the non-profit organization, Waste Free Oceans (WFO). WFO works towards cleaning and recycling waste from the oceans.

You can read more about WFO here:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

We are taking small steps towards being as “green” as possible and we hope that you will bear with us while we undergo these changes. You will not feel any difference in our service nor our ability to deliver timely, but you may for a while see both new and old packaging and hangtags in your deliveries.

Together we can help make the environment greener and thereby help both animals and mankind. A wonderful advancement for everyone.