Reptiles and spiders

No need to be afraid of our plush reptiles and spiders.

Our snake range has beautiful bright and vibrant colours in various sizes. They come in size 40 cm, 85 cm, 137 cm and 140 cm.
Our rattlesnakes have small bells in their tails, to give the illusion of the rattlesnake sound.
Put them around your neck, in the car or on your bed. Our snakes are both beautiful and colourful as décor, but they are also ready to play.
Our salamanders come in 3 sizes: 24 cm, 40 cm and 68 cm. The soft salamanders are ready for a cuddle from both children and grown-ups.
Our 4 different 21 cm frogs are jumping with joy with the prospect of finding a new buddy out there. Our frogs are well-behaved and are a bit easier to take care of than real frogs 😉
Our 25 cm cuddly spiders with glitter eyes come in 6 different colours. Choose your favorite one and you will have a new 8-legget friend. Want to play a prank on the rest of the family?